The Woods Hole Historical Collection has an outstanding publishing program and several of its books have won national awards. The books include an illustrated history of Woods Hole, a book of nineteenth century photography, the diary of a young nineteenth century girl and three children's books.

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We also publish Spritsail, a Journal of the History of Falmouth and Vicinity.
Has Anyone Seen the Glee?

A book about a dinghy which was built, sailed and rowed in Woods Hole, illustrated by the author's color photographs and based on a true story in which the boat is swept away across Vineyard Sound. The last pages include a Bristol board model of the Glee that can be assembled with just scissors and glue.

Author: Paul Ferris Smith
Hardback, 2005
ISBN 0-9611374-8-7
Has Anyone Seen the Glee?
Woods Hole Cooks Something Up

This collection of over 300 favorite recipes contributed by the museum's membership is more than just a cookbook. Filled with historical notes, amusing anecdotes and beautifully illustrated by talented local artists, it is a keepsake that anyone who knows Woods Hole or appreciates regional cookbooks will want to own and enjoy. This book was the regional winner of the Tabasco Community Cookbook competition.

302 pages, laminated hard cover with concealed wiro binding; pages lie flat
ISBN 0-9611374-7-9
David's Landing

A novel for children set in Woods Hole.

Author: Judith Benét Richardson
Illustrator: Molly Bang
1984, 155 pages, hardcover
$10.95  Sorry, Out of Print
ISBN 0-9611374-1-X

davids landing
The Diary of Ruth Anna Hatch, 1881

This beautiful little book received first prize for Design in an American Association of Museums International Design Competition. The diary is an account by a sixteen-year-old girl of life as it was in Woods Hole in 1881.
Illustrated with stunning historic photographs and drawings.

Editor: Mary Lou Smith
1992, 141 pages, hardcover
$19.95  Sorry, Out of Print
ISBN 0-9611374-3-6

Jane's Island

A reprint of a 1930s novel about children's summer activities in Woods Hole. Runner-up for the Newberry Award, 1932.

Author: Marjorie Hill Allee
Originally published: 1931, Republished by WHHC, 1988
236 pages, hardcover
$13.95  Sorry, Out of Print
ISBN 0-9611374-2-8
Mirrors are Lonely

Set in Woods Hole, this is a story about summer adventures for girls, ages 11-14, and mothers and grandmothers to read and discuss.

Author: Judith Benét Richardson
Illustrator, jacket art: Molly Bang, 1992
95 pages, hardcover
ISBN 0-9611374-4-4
New England Views, The Photography of Baldwin Coolidge (1845-1928)

189 duotone images selected from the plates of the noted Boston photographer Baldwin Coolidge whose photographs spanned the period of the 1880s to 1917. Coolidge took many pictures in Woods Hole, as well as Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, the Elizabeth Islands, New Hampshire, Maine along the Merrimack, the North Shore and city scenes and maritime views of Boston. Published with the cooperation of The Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities (SPNEA). New England Views won First Prize in the American Association of Museum's 1999 Design Competition. It was also chosen as one of the 50 Books/50 Covers in the annual design competition of the American Institute of Graphic Arts in 1999.

Authors: Susan Fletcher Witzell, Jane A. McLaughlin and Mary Lou Smith
1998, 200 pages, hardcover
ISBN 0-9611374-5-2

Woods Hole Reflections

A 322 page volume, now in its third printing, reflecting the history of the village, written by people in the community and lavishly illustrated. Reflections won a Commendation from the American Association of State and Local History in 1983.

Editor: Mary Lou Smith. 3rd printing: 1997
322 pages
Hardcover $34.95
ISBN 0-9611374-0-1
Books of local interest published by local authors that are also available at the Museum Store.
Walking Tour of Woods Hole Village Including a Brief History

The booklet begins with a 13-page brief history of the village from the 1600s to the present. 82 buildings, sites and organizations are included in the tour which begins at Little Harbor, the site of the village's earliest history, and then takes the reader down through the commercial heart of the area and clockwise around Eel Pond, passing the three major scientific institutions: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, MBL and the Fisheries. Following the area of scientific institutions are two residential streets, largely unchanged from their 19th century appearance. The history of each building and area is described. Included are many anecdotes and the recollections of residents. Illustrated by 26 black and white historical photographs.

Author: Susan Fletcher Witzell
2008, 87 pages, softcover
26 black and white photos, map and key

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Walking Tour of Woods Hole
From Woods Hole Waters

A coloring book from the Marine Biological Laboratory. Each exquisite line drawing is accompanied by easy to understand text about the sea creature depicted. You can color, accurately or fancifully; your choice. (Perhaps you should visit the Aquarium to see how many colors of lobsters there are first.)

Author: John J. Valois
Artist: Julia S. Child
Soft cover, 2007
From Woods Hole Waters