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Volume 31, Number 2: Summer 2017

From the Editors
60 Years of the Falmouth Theatre Guild
   --Joanne Briana-Gartner
The Old Stone Dock at 200
   --Leonard Miele
Surf Drive Houses
A Ten-Year Retrospective of Spritsail Articles Excerpts from 2007-2017
   --The Editorial Board
Spritsail's Table of Contents 2007-2017
Poem: Falmouth
   --Katharine Lee Bates
Spritsail, Vol 31, No 2
Volume 31, Number 1: Winter 2017

From the Editors
The House That Was
   --Maria C. Ward
Recollections of the Webster House
   --Alex Hiam
A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words: Donald Fish, the Man Behind the Vintage Falmouth Photographs
   --Christine M. Lynch
Hard Against the Rising Ground
   --Thomas Sbarra
Our Last Shoemaker
   --Celia Brown
Spritsail, Vol 31, No 1
Volume 30, Number 2: Summer 2016

From the Editors
The Last One to Go
   --Mary Steinbach Ulbrich
A Life of Science at Sea
   --Tom Stetson
Poem: Mixed Grace
   --Oliviann Hobbie
Two Exhibitions Not to be Missed
Spritsail, Vol 30, No 2
Volume 30, Number 1: Winter 2016

From the Editors
Sam Cahoon
   --John Valois
A Happy WHOI Story
   --Barbara (Bobby) Atwood Colburn
Falmouth Country Club
   --Maria C. Ward
A Childhood Memoir
   --Tom Turkington
Membership Form
Spritsail, Vol 30, No 1
Volume 29, Number 2: Summer 2015

From the Editors
Wood Lumber Company
   --Deborah Griffin Scanlon
Charles S. Burgess
   --Tucker M. Clark
Abbott's Point
   --Martha Burnham
Train Trip
   --Martha Burnham
Earth's Day, Fells Road
   --Olivann Hobbie
Spritsail, Vol 29, No 2
Volume 29, Number 1: Winter 2015

From the Editors
Memories of the DoReMi Houses
   --Robert W. Griffin and Deborah Griffin Scanlon
George W. Jones
   --Maria C. Ward
Dr. George H. Greene
   --Marcia C. Ward
Paul Ferris Smith 1921-2014
   --Jennifer Stone Gaines
Dusk in October
   --Samm Carlton
Museum Membership
Spritsail, Vol 29, No 1
Volume 28, Number 1: Winter 2014

From the Editors
"Let the Good Work Go On" From the Board of Trade and Industry to the Chamber of Commerce
   --Maria C. Ward
My Grandmother
   --Clara Gray
Remembering Mary Louise Cole Smith
   --Judy Stetson
An Exact Lady
   --Eric H. Edwards
The House Above Nobska Pond
   --Samm Carlton and Mary Carlton Swope
   --Samm Carlton
Joseph Story Fay: The Life of a Modest Man by Susan Fletcher Witzell
   --Review by Christine M. Lynch
Letter to the Editors
Membership Form
Spritsail, Vol 28, No 1
Volume 27, Number 2: Summer 2013

Rachel Carson and Woods Hole
   --Jim Hain
Remembrances of a Cruise with Rachel Carson
   --Roland L. Wigley
Three Visions of Rachel Carson
   --Eric Edwards
Waquiot Bay: Prehistory, History, and Natural History
   --Nancy Church
Spritsail, Vol 28, No 1
Volume 27, Number 1: Winter 2013

The Portuguese in Falmouth: 1870 to 1930
   --Lewis A. White
Old House Tells a Story
   --John A. DeMello
River Bend Silo
   --Ann Sears
Sunnyside/Riverbed Timeline
   --Nannette Drake Oldenbourg
Letter to the Editors
Spritsail, Vol 27, No 1
Volume 26, Number 2: Summer 2012

   --Paul Ferris Smith
Falmouth and the Second War of Independence
      E. Graham Ward*
The Cannon (and Cannon Ball) Controversies
   --E. Graham Ward*
Hollywood Comes to Falmouth
   --Leonard Miele
A Hole in the World
   --Eric H. Edwards
Letters to the Editors

* E. Graham Ward passed away suddenly on May 23, 2012. He was an editor of Spritsail. He was also a fine researcher and an excellent writer. He frequently contributed articles to Spritsail, including this very issue. We will miss his intellectual contributions and his stimulating company. We extend our sympathy to Maria and their children.
Spritsail, Vol 26, No 2
Volume 25A, Number 1: Winter 2011

From the Editors
Florence Eldred Johnson, 1892-1984
   --E. Graham Ward
The Oak Grove Cemetery of Falmouth: People That Made America Great From the Revolution to Today
      compiled by Nathan S. Ellis
Photo Essay: The Restoration and Renovation of the Katharine Lee Bates House
   --Maria C. Ward
The Art, Music and Oceanography of Fritz Fuglister
   --Jennifer Gaines & Anne Halpin
   --Fritz Fuglister's Oceanography by Philip L. Richardson
Spritsail, Vol 25z, No 1
Volume 25, Number 2: Summer 2011

From the Editors
Portraits of Woods Hole, The Legacy of Franklin Lewis Gifford
   --Deborah Griffin Scanlon and Robert Wendell Griffin
Antoinette Palmer Jones: The Goodness and Power of One Christian
   --Rev. Dr. Douglas K. Showalter
   --Re: WW II, Vol. 25, No. 1
Spritsail, Volume 25, Number 2
Volume 25, Number 1: Winter 2011

From the Editors
The Impact of World War II on Soldiers, Scientists, Civilians and the Town of Falmouth
   --T. Richardson Miner, Jr.
More Stories About Falmouth Veterans of World War II
      William Banks
      Eleanor Daniels Bronson-Hodge
      Russel McCallum
      Albert Wilson
      George F. Kelly
      Dick Brooks
Woods Hole in World War II
   --excerpts collected by Judith G. Stetson
   --Re: Living off the Land, Vol. 24, No. 2
Spritsail, Vol 25, No 1
Volume 24, Number 2: Summer 2010

From the Editors
The Woods Hole Clippers: Filling the Postwar Years With Baseball, Basketball, and Camaraderie
   --Deborah Griffin Scanlon
Living off the Land -- A Photo and Timeline Essay
   --Nannette Drake Oldenbourg
Harvesting a Return and Home in Plymouth (Poems)
   --Jarita Davis
Spritsail Vol. 24, No. 2
Volume 24, Number 1: Winter 2010

From the Editors
NOAA Ship Albatross IV
   --Compiled by Linda Despres
From Island Ferry to Hospital Ship
   --E. Graham Ward
Salt Song (Poem)
Spritsail Vol. 24, No. 1
Issues from 2010 - 2019 Issues from 2000 - 2009 Issues from 1990 - 1999 Issues from 1987 - 1989